Spain remains axed from ‘air bridge’ list as country locks down town of 32,000 people

Spain was unfortunately removed from the UK’s quarantine exemption list last month, after it was originally added to the list on July 4. The UK government made the decision after the country experienced localised outbreaks of coronavirus. This means that anyone returning from Spain to the UK now faces 14 days in quarantine.

Recently, Catalonia, Aragon and Navarra are the three regions that have suffered the most.

But now, the country has been forced to lock down another town.

Despite some Britons being deterred from travelling to Spain due to the quarantine rules, this latest lockdown could prove to be even more devastating.

The town of Aranda de Duero, which is home to around 32,000 people, has been plunged into lockdown.

The central riverside town is known for its vineyards and lies around two hours away from Madrid.

The measure has been put in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain.

Residents will no longer be allowed to enter or leave the town.

It comes just six weeks after Spain’s coronavirus measures were eased.

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The Basque Country, Catalonia and Aragon have already put local lockdowns in place.

Police have set up checkpoints around Aranda de Duero, according to AFP, which will remain in place for two weeks.

Officers will also reportedly be checking ID documents of those entering and preventing anyone from leaving without a valid reason.

Spain ranks number 10 in the world for coronavirus cases.

The country has had more cases than the UK but has had fewer deaths.

Spain has had 354,530 cases to date, and 28,500 deaths.

Currently, Catalonia has had the most cases with over 76,000.

However, the Community of Madrid is not far behind with over 74,000.

The Balearic Islands were hoping that the UK would lift the 14-day quarantine rules for Britons travelling from there.

But the country has now recorded 111 new coronavirus cases within 24 hours which is the second highest figure since the start of the pandemic.

Yesterday, the UK axed three more countries from its “air bridge” list after spikes of coronavirus were recorded.

Belgium, Andorra and The Bahamas were given the chop while Brunei and Malaysia were added to the “safe” list.

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