Spain travel: Can we travel to Spain? Are there UK flights to Spain?

Spain travel has become near-impossible thanks to the impact of the coronavirus, which has hit the country with 28,603 total cases, close to the most in Europe as a whole. The country has now come close to shutting its borders in a bid to prevent more cases and loss of life. 

Can we travel to Spain?

According to Reuters, Spain will direct a swathe of new travel restrictions on foreigners due to COVID-19. 

The Interior Ministry said today it would restrict entry for 30 days at air and seaports, to come alongside an extension to the current state of emergency.

The ban will commence from midnight on March 23, and exempts foreigners living in Spain, air crew, cargo and health workers and diplomats.


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Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has also extended Spain’s state of emergency for another month. 

He addressed citizens in a television briefing today, in which he said he expected the Spanish Parliament to approve the extension to the original order introduced more than a week ago. 

Mr Sanchez added the country would need to enter next week from a “very strong” position. 

He said in his address: “There are hard days ahead.”

“We have to get ready from a physiological and emotional standpoint.

“We have to get to the end of next week strong, very strong.

“The risk is everywhere.

“Spain is among the most-affected countries in Europe and in the world.”


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Spain is amongst the most infected countries worldwide, with nearly 30,000 cases accounting for nearly 14 percent of global cases. 

Today alone the country saw a total increase of 3,107 infections, and 1,756 people have died. 

Of those who have contracted COVID-19, 2,125 have recovered, and 24,722 remain unwell. 

Spain’s rapid accumulation of infections could mean coronavirus soon burns out however, as authorities share a note of cautious optimism. 

Fernando Simon, director of the Spanish Coordinating Centre for Health Alerts and Emergencies, said today Spain may be approaching its coronavirus peak. 

Herevealed the country was “not very far away” from stabilising the curve, but warned against relaxing measures. 

Mr Simon said: “We are approaching the period in which perhaps, if we are lucky, we will turn the curve, stabilize and it’ll start to go down.

“The models indicate that we are not very far away, but relaxing the measures prematurely would mean starting again and we have to be very careful.”

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