Staff in face masks & 1 couple per lift: How luxury holidays will change after coronavirus

With holidays on hold and travel restrictions in place, hotels and other businesses in the travel and tourism sector have been left financially strained by the coronavirus pandemic. But as airlines and tourism hotspots begin to explore the possibility of restarting operations for the late summer, many travellers have been left wondering what the future could entail when it comes to flights and accommodation. One hotel chain is now putting its customers’ minds at ease with a comprehensive list of stringent measures to ensure cleanliness and security for their guests.


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Sandal Resorts’ Platinum Protocols of Cleanliness will include several cleaning measures which will be put in place from arrival to departure so that guests feel at ease.

The procedures, which include health and well-being requirements, will be put in place across all 18 of their resorts.

Here’s a list of some of the hotel chain’s new measures.

Advanced hygiene practices across 18 “key touch points”

Sandals Resorts has done a research assessment of all the places that guests are in contact with from arrival to departure, ensuring that all of them are kept sanitised.

The resort explained in an email all the touch points which include, “the airport lounge; guest transfers to and from resort; guest rooms, food and beverage experiences; housekeeping and laundry; elite services including butler service and Club Sandals Concierge; maintenance; resort activities such as water sports; elevators; swimming pools, jacuzzis and spas; team members access points; fitness centres and the Red Lane Spa; public bathrooms; suppliers and receiving; all public areas including lobbies and beaches; back of house facilities such as store rooms and offices; Kids Camps and waterparks at Beaches Resorts; and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.”

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All resorts being inspected three times a day minimum for cleanliness

All the resorts will be sanitised on an ongoing basis but a “triple-check system” has also been put in place to ensure the resorts remain clean.

The inspections – which will take place at least three times daily – will include checking the cleanliness of door handles, interiors of vehicles (used for airport transfers), public toilets, kitchens, bars and restaurants which includes menus, tables, cutlery, glassware, chairs and more; and swimming pools and hot tubs.

Public toilets will also be cleaned in 20-minute intervals to ensure there is no spread of germs.

Stringent housekeeping measures including UV inspections

The resorts will also have to follow stringent housekeeping practices which include using hospital-grade disinfectants, electrical aerosol sprayers and UV-LED lighting to look at cleanliness.

Carpets will also be steam-cleaned and sanitised along with air ducts in the resorts.

Hand sanitising stations

Stations will be set up for guests and members of the Sandals Resorts team.

The stations will be set up throughout the resorts including dining areas and in guest rooms.

Online check-in

Guests will be able to check-in online so they can avoid person-to-person contact at the front desk and go directly to their room.

Social distancing practices

Guests will be encouraged to maintain a safe distance from one another which includes adding more airport transfers with fewer guests in each vehicle, extending check-in times, safe social distances in restaurants, bars and beaches.

Other social distancing measures include no hand-shakes and restricting trips in a lift to one couple per trip or one family per trip at beach resorts.

Team training and temperature checks

All team members at Sandals Resorts will have specialised training which includes hygiene practices and ways to prevent the spread of the virus.

Members of staff have to undergo temperature checks before the start of each shift and have medical clearance.

They must also wear gloves and face masks, and not wear their uniform to and from work.

Suppliers and partners will also have to follow Sandals Resorts’ standards

Delivery windows will be restricted to one at a time, there will be limited physical contact, sanitation of all touch points and removal of all outer packaging.

Gordon Stewart, Founder and Chairman of Sandals Resorts explained that cleanliness and the safety of guests and team members are their priority.

He said: “At Sandals Resorts, cleanliness and safety have always been priority number one.

“Our loyal guests and incredible team members are part of the Sandals family, and we take care of our family.

“Their health and safety are our focus.

“We want our guests to not have to worry about a thing so they can enjoy the Luxury Included holiday they’ve trusted in time and time again.

“We’re doing everything we can to offer peace of mind during a time that has been difficult for the entire world, and that is why we have continued to evolve our protocols to maintain an even safer, healthier stay.”

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