Straying into Richard Branson’s Virgin territory on Necker Island

The best meal I had on Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson’s ultra-exclusive private playground in the British Virgin Islands, was a sushi “boat”.

I was lounging beside the idyllic beachside pool, palm trees waving overhead, when a staff member appeared in the water, pushing a canoe filled with ice and covered with huge platters of fresh sashimi and maki rolls. I gasped and clapped.

“I’ve heard,” the guest on the next lounger whispered to me, “that sometimes one of the girls strips down to a bikini, and they lay out the sushi on her.”

That’s the thing about Necker. It’s always had a sense of friskiness mixed with high power. On the one hand, we’ve seen pictures of Branson kitesurfing with Barack Obama, and on the other, there’s Kate Moss and Harry Styles partying hard.

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