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Is Scotland allowing people from England to visit and can Britons fly to Bulgaria in August? The Holiday Guru answers travellers’ questions

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The topics tackled this week include flying to Bulgaria, travelling to Jersey and whether Scotland is letting visitors from England in.

Q. Could you explain the 90-day rule in Europe? We own an apartment in Spain.

Ken Hepples, Leeds.

A reader who owns an apartment in Spain, pictured, asks the Guru to explain the post-Brexit 90-day rule for Britons visiting the EU

A. Since Brexit, Britons can be in the EU for 90 days out of a 180-day period. 

This is rolling, so you need to look back at the previous 180 days and make your calculation. Rule-breakers may face fines, deportation and difficulties re-entering the country.

Q. Will we be able to fly to Bulgaria in August/September?

Ken Dawkins, via email.

A. No-one is sure when international travel will resume — potentially after May 17. 

Wizz Air has ‘Flex’ Luton to Bourgas returns from £257 (, allowing cancellation with a credit up to three hours before a flight.

Q. I am due to go to Jersey in May. Will this be possible?

Alan Moore, via email.

Tourists will be able to visit Jersey, pictured, from April 26. Pictured is Gorey Castle and the harbour of Saint Martin 

A. Yes, from April 26. You’ll need to fill in a Safer Travel registration form. See

Q. We booked with Brittany Ferries to go to France for D-Day commemorations in 2019, but my husband fell ill. 

We were given a voucher but cannot use it because his health has not improved — he is having major surgery and possible leg amputation. Can you help us get our refund of £433?

Beryl Walters, via email.

A. Sorry to hear about your husband’s ill health. We asked Brittany Ferries, but it said it cannot give you a refund under its terms and conditions. It has extended the voucher to 2023. Best to try your insurer. Good luck.

Q. I have booked a campervan in Scotland for May 29. Is Scotland allowing people from England to visit?

Moe Irons, Liverpool.

Currently, travel between Scotland, pictured, and England is only permitted if you have a ‘reasonable excuse’

A. Currently, you can’t travel between Scotland and England without a ‘reasonable excuse’. This could change. See


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