The prettiest fairytale winter city destination in Europe is ‘totally magical’

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Snow, ice skating, hot chocolate – tourists who holiday in winter can expect to enjoy a magical experience. A few of Europe’s top destinations are particularly enchanting in the winter months.


The capital of Czechia is beautiful at any time of year but it’s particularly stunning in the snow.

Tripadvisor user Torii said: “Prague in winter is totally magical. Nothing compares to seeing the city in frost or snow, just beautiful.”

Tourists can wander across the world famous Charles Bridge and marvel at the city’s grand architecture.

After a snowy walk, visitors can warm up with a hot chocolate in one of Prague’s old world style cafes.


Austria has so many beautiful winter cities, it can be hard for tourists to choose just one to visit.

But the charming city of Salzburg is at its most beautiful in the winter months when its majestic buildings are dusted with snow.

On New Year’s Eve the atmosphere is particularly enchanting as residents of Salzburg take to the streets to waltz under the fireworks.

The fairytale city is famous as the birthplace of Mozart, who has left a strong legacy behind. Wandering the winter streets, tourists might be able to catch the sound of music wafting through the air.


One of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights, Tromsø is perhaps Norway’s most beautiful city.

Surrounded by mountains, the snowy destination is a fantastic place to go on a whale watching tour or try dog sledding.

Nicknamed the ‘Gateway to the Arctic’, daylight hours are extremely short in Tromsø during winter.

But the darkness makes the city’s intoxicating atmosphere all the more magical for any lucky winter visitors.


Snow capped buildings and warming stews, the Latvian capital city of Riga is one of Europe’s best winter cities.

Many Baltic and Scandinavian cruises make stops in Riga and it’s not hard to see why.

The pretty city has one of Europe’s most exciting food markets where tourists can pick up anything from fresh fish to sweet treats.

Within the city’s old town, tourists in Riga will find many idyllic cafes to warm up in with a mulled wine.


The Norwegian city of Bergen is stunning in summer, but tourists who visit in winter will see the city at its best.

A popular Northern Lights base, Bergen’s colourful winter buildings look particularly charming with a dusting of snow.

Known as the ‘City of the Seven Mountains’ , Bergen is famous for its stunning landscapes and a prestigious university.

Tourists will need to wrap up warm to explore Bergen in winter but it will be well worth it for a glimpse of the city’s snowy fjords.

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