The World’s First Space Hotel Is Slated to Open in 2027—and There Are Long Term Lease Options Available

Soon it might not just be astronauts traveling to space, but vacation-goers too. The highly-anticipated Voyager Station is to aiming to welcome Earthlings by 2027. This new station, which will partly be used for research for national space agencies, will also contain a”Habitation Ring” that will operate as a luxury hotel for space tourists.

Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), which is run by former pilot John Blincow, will build this new station. Blincow recently told CNN that construction will begin in 2026, with a potential opening date in the following year. If this project sounds familiar, the Gateway Foundation released plans for this first-ever space hotel back in 2019, which was to be called the Von Braun Station. For unknown reasons, Blincow, who also serves as the President of the Gateway Foundation, transferred the plans to OAC.

Voyager Station will consist of an inner and outer ring connected by spokes and have a Ferris Wheel-like appearance. The inner ring will act as the docking hub for ships delivering guests from Earth. Meanwhile, the outer ring or Habitation Ring will be made up of large modules—some of which will be dedicated to this new hotel. According to OAC’s website, Voyager Station”will be the first commercial space station with artificial gravity.” However, only a fraction of Earth’s gravity will be simulated here, allowing guests to experience somewhat of a weightlessness experience, while still being able to keep their feet on the ground.

The hotel will feature both suites and luxury villas with short-term and long-term lease options available. It will also have a bar, a gym, and a restaurant available for guests. According to Architectural Digest, traditional space food such as freeze-dried ice cream will be available to order in the restaurant. There are also plans for recreational activities in the gym such as basketball games. And, due to the low gravity levels, participants will be able to soar higher than they would on Earth (hello, slam dunking!).

Details are still under wraps about pricing and the exact amenities that will be offered, but from the released photo renderings, it looks like a pretty luxurious place to stay. Plus, the views are pretty much out of this world. If you’re interested in being one of the first guests, Voyager Station is accepting reservations here.

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