The worst cities for expats have been named – ‘you need to be vigilant’

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The worst cities for expats have been named. With six out of the 10 worst cities for expats in Europe, British expats’ popular destinations did not fare well compared to the rest of the world.

British expats live all over the world.

Europe, the US and South Africa, however, are some of the most popular destinations for a relocation.

The worst city for expats was Rome.

The Italian city may be fantastic for a holiday, but it was found wanting for a move.

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Since 2028, Rome has consistently been in the bottom three cities for expats.

This year, however, it got the dubious honour of coming last.

The city was also named worst for job satisfaction and career opportunities.

It was in the bottom three for quality of life, with poor transportation.

It didn’t get better for Rome, with 47 percent of expats saying housing was unaffordable and their income did not cover their expenses.

With 31 percent of expats describing locals as unfriendly, Rome may not be the best option for expats.

Italy also claimed the second worst spot.

Milan was the worst city for finances and expats were unhappy with their jobs in general.

Three in 10 expats did not feel at home in Milan, with personal safety also an issue.

The third worst city was not in Italy, it was in Johannesburg.

A mind-blowing 68 percent of expats did not feel safe in the biggest city in South Africa.

British expat in South Africa, Lucille said: “Mention South Africa and the first thing people think of is crime. This tends to be blown out of proportion by scary stories and overly paranoid tourists.

“Yes, crime is an issue. Yes, you do need to be vigilant.”

But she said she felt safe.

She continued: “But of course, we stick to safe areas. I wouldn’t drive through the city centre with my windows down chatting on my mobile phone with my wallet lying on the seat next to me. That’s asking for trouble. You just have to be smart.

“There are gated communities where most expats, and wealthy locals, choose to live.

“There is zero crime on these estates, and they are often on a golf course.”

Worst cities for expats

1. Rome

2. Milan

3. Johannesburg

4. Istanbul

5. Tokyo

6. Cairo

7. Paris

8. Maastricht

9. Moscow

10. New York

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