Tourist returns stolen artifacts to Pompeii after experiencing bad luck

A Canadian woman has returned artifacts she stole from Pompeii back to its original home 15 years later.

In a statement to USA TODAY Tuesday from the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, temporary director Prof. Massimo Osanna confirmed the tourist returned five objects, delivered to a travel agency which then informed the Carabinieri police station.

The finds, which were returned to the archaeological site, were also accompanied by a letter. And although the artifacts are finally back home, they can’t be placed exactly back to their original spot amongst the ancient ruins.

“Obviously they cannot be relocated because their precise origin is not known,” Osanna explained.

According to CNN and The Guardian, the tourist’s letter explained she experienced bad luck after taking the artifacts back in 2005, suffering both health and financial setbacks.

“We are good people and I don’t want to pass this curse on to my family” she reportedly wrote.

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