Travel expert Simon Calder forecasts ‘more positive than negative’ UK travel list update

Travel: Calder predicts 'more positive than negative' changes

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Travel expert Simon Calder has predicted “more positive than negative” travel outlook for UK holidaymakers, guaranteeing that British favourites Spain, France, Portugal and Greece would “not be moved to the red list”. The update comes as the Government’s latest review of its traffic light system for international travel is due to be announced later on Thursday.

Speaking from Berlin Airport, Mr Calder told BBC Breakfast: “I’m expecting changes to be more positive than negative in terms of easing travel rules.

“But of course for many families it’s simply going to be too late.

“If Turkey is moved from the red list requiring hotel quarantine to the amber list, that would be hugely to the benefit of many British people with family connections in Turkey.

“And of course people who own property, simply want to go for a late summer break.

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He went on: “We’re also expecting fearing, some countries could be moved to the red list.

Paul Charles, travel consultant and CEO of the PC Agency, tweeted last night “Very few traffic light changes due tomorrow afternoon.

“Government simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to deal with Afghanistan, Covid, and traffic lights.

“Consumers and the travel sector would prefer a simpler, cheaper, less onerous traffic lights and testing system.”

There are currently 60 countries and territories sitting on the UK’s red list, with the names being updated around every three weeks.

Morocco, St Lucia and Jamaica are the most likely holiday destinations to turn red.

Government data shows that the UK has recorded 35,847 new COVID cases and 149 more coronavirus-related deaths in the latest 24-hour period.

Gatwick Airport’s boss called for the Government to get rid of the testing requirements for fully vaccinated travellers arriving in the UK from green and amber list locations.


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Chief executive Stewart Wingate said ending tests is essential to avoid the UK’s aviation sector “falling further behind” countries in Europe and North America.

Chief executive Stewart Wingate said ending tests for fully vaccinated passengers is vital to avoid the UK’s aviation sector “falling further behind” countries in Europe and North America.

He explained: “If our Government would to do that and follow the lead of other European nations then we believe the pent up demand will start to flow through and passenger volumes will start to recover.

“In the UK, we’re at about 15-20 percent of our pre-pandemic passenger volumes.

“France and Germany are at about 50-60 percent of pre-pandemic passenger volumes.

“With that easing of travel restrictions, we should expect to see a very sharp recovery.”

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