Travel Planners International Announces New Partnership

WHY IT RATES: Travel Planners advisors will now have access to additional options for marketing and sales tools for growing their businesses. —Codie Liermann, Associate Editor

Travel Planners International (TPI) announced today its partnership with the Travel Industry Marketing Association (TIMA). The partnership will provide (at no charge) a vast and meaningful set of marketing tools to assist TPI’s 4100+ travel advisors in developing and rebuilding their businesses.

As an industry leader in marketing, sales and business development, TIMA provides its clients with relevant and useful tools for growth. With a heavy focus on strengthening the partnership and communication between suppliers and advisors, and targeting social media, blog posts, digital content and branding, TIMA strives for an optimal marketing and sales experience for travel sellers. When combined with TPI’s network of advisors and suppliers, this focus on business services will provide a very key market advantage.

“Our travel advisor and agency partners will be the ultimate beneficiary of this strategic partnership as we provide leading travel marketing assistance, technology, and resources to help them continue to increase sales and drive new revenues.” said Jenn Lee, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at TPI. “By combining the helpful tools, support, and fulfillment services that TIMA provides, with our free email marketing programs, award winning video series Ship and Resort Talks, advisor to advisor community and the benefits we reap through our consortia Ensemble, this is for sure going to be a huge success! We look forward to the collaboration and our future partnership together.”

The collective strengths of both companies will result in offering customers a marketing dashboard equipped with all things required for education, training, sales, and promotion. Advisors will enjoy supplier campaigns ready for download and distribution, social media packs, supplier communication templates, access to a copyright-friendly video and image library and more.

“We are very excited about the new partnership with TPI”, said Kulin Strimbu, President/CEO of TIMA. “Our business goal is to provide a valuable set of sales and marketing tools for travel advisors and suppliers to more easily and effectively work together. With the services we offer, they can do that more efficiently and effectively. This partnership allows us to serve a much larger audience at a truly relevant and important time. The TPI commitment to the travel agency community is notable and we are excited to be working with such a reputable brand.”

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