Turtle Bay does bottomless brunch with lashings of rum, reggae and jerk

Bottomless brunches have surged in popularity in recent years.

There are all manner of options to choose from – including classy afternoon tea with free-flowing bubbles or boozy drag dinners.

But did you know Turtle Bay also offers bottomless brunch for Brits?

The Caribbean food chain, which has dozens of locations from Bournemouth to York, promises an experience packed with rum, reggae and jerk.

From just £28.50 per person, you can get two hours of unlimited cocktails, mocktails, Proessco or selected beers.

Then for food, there are options ranging from sunshine inspired Big Kingston Grill Down to the infamous Vegan Yardbird.

So is the boozy brunch worth all the hype?

Charlotte Regen, reporter at our sister website 2Chill, headed down to Turtle Bay to find out.

Here’s what she thought of the experience…

I was thrilled when we managed to get a last-minute booking for my mother-in-law’s birthday at the Birmingham branch.

I scoured the menu for what cocktail I was going to sample first.

I opted for a Jumbled Julep, which is made with white rum, strawberry, passion fruit, apple juice and fresh mint. But you could swap your rum for either vodka or gin.

I’ll be honest I guzzled it down because it was a hot day and it tasted nice – let’s not beat around the bush!

For my main, I went for something I hadn’t seen on the menu there before.

I ordered the Caribbean Curry Katsu, which is crispy chicken breast, scotch bonnet spiced coconut milk sauce and coconut rice and peas.

The waitress warned me that this dish was spicy but in all honesty, I’d say it only had a little kick to it.

It did taste divine! The batter on the chicken was still crispy despite being covered in the Katsu sauce.

There’s nothing worse than a piece of chicken that’s meant to be crispy but ends up being soggy!

But thankfully that wasn’t the case. I didn’t think that the coconut rice would work with the Katsu sauce but it was a really good combination.

I also had fries and tried a dumpling. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the dumpling. I just thought it was a bit bland.

Other cocktails I necked were a Tingaling, which is Prosecco, gin, elderflower and grapefruit crush.

And I also had a couple of Mai Tais, which are made of Appleton estate signature blend, falernum, amaretto, orange, lime and pineapple juice.

As you can imagine I was feeling quite merry after a fair few cocktails. In total, I think we may have managed between six and seven each in the two-hour sitting – but it was probably more!

The staff were very friendly and attentive.

Our glasses barely reached the bottom before we were being served our next round.

Overall, I think the bottomless brunch concept is perfect for Turtle Bay.

I think you definitely get your money's worth.

The only advice I would give is to stick to choosing one drink.

As tempting as it is to try the whole cocktail menu, it does get sickly after sloshing a load of different drinks down your neck.

I think next time I go I’ll be a classy lady and stick to my Prosecco!

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