Two women caught in ‘dirty’ position on aeroplane leaving people grossed out

Passengers on an aeroplane were left shocked after two women were caught in an unusual position in their seats.

While many of us recognise that aeroplanes can be uncomfortable we try to remain considerate of fellow flyers.

Not these women though.

The two women caused such a commotion that another passenger whacked out their phone to capture a photo of the shocking moment in the sky.

The snap was shared on the popular Instagram account Passenger Shaming where it now has over 500 comments and eight thousand likes.

The image showed two women in the economy cabin of the commercial aeroplane.

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Rows of narrow seats can be seen while the two women are sat mid-way along the length of the plane.

The women were clearly eager to stretch their legs on the flight and so propped them on the seats in front of them.

Their bare feet could be seen sticking up above the seats in front where a man sat with a red cap and headphones on.

Social media viewers were horrified that the women had chosen to lean their naked feet on the seats in front.

One disgusted person said: “Definitely airlines have to apply a dress code and what is not allowed rules while in a flight.

“It’s incredible how gross people can be.”

The offenders remain anonymous thus far.

Their faces were obscured behind the seats and they have yet to be “named and shamed”.

One irritated person wrote: “Maybe if their faces start getting shown, this behaviour will cease.”

Another called the pair “dirty people”.

A third called the women “nasty”.

Other’s were left confused as to how the strange position could be beneficial.

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One skeptic wrote: “How is this even comfortable?

“I don’t understand!”

Another jokester said: “Damn you Yoga! Nobody was doing this when I was a kid.”

While another mulled over the physics and said: “Those seats are so tiny and tight. I cannot figure out how they even manage to do this.”

Neither can we!

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