UK city breaks top winter destinations – with one very surprising country making the list

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City breaks were found to be the most popular types of holidays for the end of the year. A new Kayak study listed Paris, Amsterdam and New York as sought-after destinations.

And with the travel restrictions being lifted and the traffic light system scrapped, Britons can now travel overseas with less difficulties.

Destinations far and wide are making the list of the most popular destinations for Britons’ winter holidays.

However, Edinburgh and London are still some of the most popular destinations, despite the lifting of restrictions on international travel.

A UK holiday, as was widely reported this summer, may come with a hefty price tag.

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Both Edinburgh and London getaway were seeing an increase in price.

And UK prices were found to increase at a greater rate than overseas locations.

The average prices for flights to Edinburgh and London have jumped 15 percent since last month.

The UK as a whole was the third most searched for destination for half-term, behind winter sun favourites Spain and Turkey.

But there was also a surprising addition to the list.

Pakistan came up fourth in the list of most searched for destinations, ahead of Italy, Greece and Portugal.

Pakistani cities were also top in the city searches for autumn and winter.

Islamabad came top, while Lahore came up third.

Dubai, at number two, rounded off the top three.

Britons looking to go on holidays this autumn and winter may have more choices in terms of destinations, but they will be met with higher prices, no matter where they choose to go.

Prices increased across the board, with Turkey, Greece and the UK all posting price increases of 10 percent.

The flight prices for Italy saw a jump of 40 percent since last month, the highest increase.

Dubai and New York were the only two cities in the top 10 to have seen their prices decrease.

Flights to the UAE and the USA were found to be cheaper for half term than they were last month.

Top 10 most searched Autumn/Winter cities

1. Islamabad, Pakistan

2. Dubai, UAE

3. Lahore, Pakistan

4. Istanbul, Turkey

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

6. New York, USA

7. Alicante, Spain

8. London, England

9. Paris, France

10. Amsterdam, Holland


Top 10 most searched October half-term destination

1. Spain

2. Turkey

3. United Kingdom

4. Pakistan

5. United Arab Emirates

6. India

7. Italy

8. Greece

9. Portugal

10. United States 



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