UK Staycations: Prices 120 percent higher for a Christmas holiday than in 2020

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A UK holiday was had by most Britons this summer. With travel restrictions and Covid still very much part of the country’s reality, many decided to forgo a trip abroad.

Britons holidaying in the UK found themselves confronted with higher than expected prices and overcrowded beauty spots.

Now that the summer holidays have truly ended, Britons may start to look towards the end of the year and beyond.

The rest of 2021, it has been revealed, will continue to look much like the summer did.

Britons seem to continue favouring the UK for a holiday, and the prices reflect the popularity of staycations.

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Short-term holiday rental property management platform Guesty looked at the data until the end of the year.

Whether for Christmas or New Year, Britons seemed to have already made up their minds, it will be a British holiday.

Unfortunately, prices were found to follow the summer trend, with most places more expensive than they were in previous years.

For Christmas, prices are a whooping 120 percent higher than in 2020.

They were found to be 47 percent higher than pre-Covid too.

The average night rate was at £261 for this year’s holidays.

It was £129 in 2020, or about half the price.

Pre-Covid in 2019, a night would have been £177.

If a British Christmas was set to be on the cards for most, so was New Year’s Eve.

The data showed 89 percent of the UK reservations were made by Britons.

In 2020, 75 percent of the bookings were domestic.

Pre-Covid, it was a meagre 35 percent.

And the prices, of course, will follow the high demand.

Britons were advised to book as soon as possible to avoid even higher prices and shortage of availability.

While travel restrictions have all but been lifted and Britons now have the possibility to head overseas for a holiday, it seemed they preferred to stay within the country.

After a summer of UK holidays, the end of the year is set to follow the trend.

Britons will once again be faced with higher prices and limited last-minute options for both Christmas and New Year.
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