WATCH: Plane passenger horrified when this vile sight emerges in shocking video

Flights are not well known for being comfortable so plane passengers often simply have to make the most of what they have. However, the behaviour of other fliers can prove very annoying indeed. The actions of others can impact your journey – especially when everyone is in such close quarters.


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One plane passenger was left horrified after they spotted what their neighbour was doing during a flight.

The incident was captured in a shocking video posted to social media.

It was shared to Instagram by account passengershaming where it rapidly went viral.

The footage was taken by a traveller who appears to be in the aisle seat on a plane.

However, they soon spot that their personal space has been invaded.

To the passenger’s right, pokes a disgusting spectacle.

A man’s foot can be seen resting on their arm rest.

To make matters worse, the offending flier has removed both their shoes and socks.

Consequently, it’s the bare flesh of the foot perched on the plastic.

If the passenger in the seat moved to place their arm on the rest their elbow would most likely come into contact with the male toe.

However, it would seem the man behind has not considered the feelings of the person in front.

In the video, he can be seen wiggling his toes as he rests them on the arm rest.


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The clip was posted yesterday in honour of Father’s Day.

“Happy Father’s Day to all the cool dads! (but please keep your socks on in public),” the passengershaming account captioned the footage.

Instagram users took to the post to share their thoughts on the video.

Most people were disgusted by the sight and strongly criticised the man.

“Who does stuff like that!!! I would never, even if I had the best feet in the world… It’s rude and unhygienic ewwwww lol,” one person commented.

“If I can see the toenails, YOU ARE TOO CLOSE!” another wrote.

“Ugh. This happened to me once & I was LIVID. So gross!” a third posted.

“What is wrong with these people that they have no sense of personal space or basic manners?”

Some people suggested some potential (rather extreme) responses to the move.

“Oops, did I aggressively put up my arm rest and break your toe?” one wrote.

“A lighter would do the job or a toothpick,” a second commented.

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