Winter sun: Britain’s sunniest city named – ‘it all happens here!’

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Britain’s weather may be one of the country’s favourite topics of discussion, but it’s rare to be positive. However, the grey skies and cold and wet weather could be nothing more than clichés.

A new study has named the sunniest cities in Britain, and they could be the perfect winter sun escapes for Britons in need of some rays.

Smart Energy GB partnered with climate activist and Springwatch star Chris Packham to commission a report compiled by Dr Tim Forman of the University of Cambridge.

The sunniest area of Britain was Southwest England, while the least sunny British area was Northwest Scotland.

The UK’s sunniest city was Plymouth.

Chris said: “Britain is blessed with four distinct seasons with clear changes in the weather, which is full of energy, notably the wind and – although it feels rare – the sunshine.”

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The Devon waterfront city of Plymouth could be the best bet for Britons in search of UK winter sun.

In Plymouth, holidaymakers can go to the beach at Wembury or explore the largest park in the city, Central Park.

History lovers will want to go to the Mayflower Steps, the departure point of Sir Francis Drake and the 102 pilgrims who sailed for North America in 1620.

On Tripadvisor, Steve and Andie said: “Good to see this area has been refurbished and keeping history alive.

“It may not have been the original site where the Mayflower set off from but very close to it, that being situated in the ladies loo of the nearby pub!”

Other points of interest in the city include Smeatons Tower, a lighthouse built in 1759 by John Smeaton, and the Barbican and Sutton Harbour area.

Tracey G said: “When you think of Plymouth you think of the lighthouse – apart from The Mayflower, Francis Drake, The Spanish Armada, Francis Chichester. Wow! It all happens here!”

There are over 200 listed buildings lining the cobbled streets of the Barbican and Sutton Harbour, as well as Elizabethan Gardens.

Not far from the city, Saltram is a National Trust country estate with 500 acres of grounds and the garden is currently open.

Britons can also head to Drake’s Island on a guided tour or sample the gins at Plymouth Gin.

Tony W said: “Having for many years viewed Drakes Island from Plymouth, it was an experience to see it from the other side and learn about the history and possible future of the island.”

Trevor H wrote: “I have lived or worked in Plymouth for nearly 35 years and had not set foot on the Island, my wife however, had been on one of the adventure weeks there whilst in the 6th Form at school ‘quite a few years ago!’

“The trip is suitable for all ages who can manage steps and uneven terrain as the island’s vegetation, pathways are just being brought under control after being left for many years.

“The plans for what is to happen are fantastic and I await their completion before my next visit which is hopefully within the next seven to 10 years.”

Britain’s sunniest cities


2. Exeter

3. London

4. Norwich

5. Oxford

6. Huddersfield

7. Liverpool

8. Manchester

9. Bristol

10. Sunderland


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