Women solve ‘mystery’ of what’s behind baggage carousel as viewers left creasing

Hilarious footage has shown two Scottish women having the time of their lives after hitching a ride on a baggage carousel at an Irish airport.

Donna Maclean and friend Laura Hynds, both from Scotland, flew to Ireland for a hen party last week.

While waiting to claim their baggage, the curious pair decided to get on the belt for a little "discovery" of what was on the other side of the carousel.

Posting on TikTok, Donna films themselves sitting on the revolving belt as they pass through the draft curtains, where a warning sign is placed above, stating: "Restricted Zone: Unauthorised Access Restricted."

They couldn't stop laughing as the one-way system takes them to an outside space, where airport workers unload the luggage from a cart and place it onto the belt.

Donna snorts and says: "We will get charged when we go to check out!"

A man in high-vis uniform stops and stares at them as they turn around and apologise.

Laura wants to help out and drags a red bag across but it seems to be too heavy and she eventually abandons it on the belt.

The clumsy flight passenger falls backwards on the carousel and tumbles to the ground when she re-enters the departure hall and her friend Donna couldn't stop laughing.

The hilarious moment has been viewed more than 93,000 times on TikTok and many commented that they have solved the mystery of what is behind the carousel.

One said: "Unexpected item in the baggage area!"

Another penned: "You've just accomplished the one thing we all wanted to do but have been too scared to."

A third asked: "What was behind the curtain? Always wondered!"

And someone else added: "Just me who used to think the other side of that thing was like on toy story 2"

Some wondered if they have been caught and fined for their acts, and Laura replied: "We never got in trouble. No one even said a thing but I suppose it would depend on where you are."

Others don't find it funny and mentioned that they could get arrested or injured.

"Funny until the belt catches your hair and rips half of it out," a viewer warned.

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