World’s wildest sex resorts as Netflix’s White Lines shines light on orgies

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A new Netflix thriller has taken the world by storm.

White Lines was one of the most-viewed shows on the streaming service yesterday – and its saucy scenes might have something to do with the high viewership.

The show focuses on the debauched undercurrent of Ibiza, including wild sex parties.

Jaw-dropping moments include an orgy with dozens of naked revellers writhing together.

While these scenes may seem like something you’d never see in real life, resorts like the one shown on the series do exist.

Here are some of the world’s most renowned hotspots for kinky tourism.

Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort

This Mexican resort promises the ultimate erotic experience.

It boasts provocative theme nights and clothing optional areas.

There’s also a playroom and “intimate hotspot” where guests can swing with “like-minded couples”.

The Desire Riviera Maya Resort Pearl website explains: “Lose yourself on the exotic beaches of Puerto Morelos, at Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, as you and your partner immerse yourselves in a deliciously sensual ambiance, where inhibitions do not exist.

“From your arrival, feel an explosion of sexual energy, setting the perfect backdrop for a passion provoking experience.”

Guests of the hotel seem to have had very sensual experiences.

One Tripadvisor explained it was “an excellent experience to spice up (their) marriage, while another thanked “sexy and fun Playmakers” that brought couples out of their shells.

Hedonism II

The adults-only vacation resort in the Caribbean has areas reserved for naturism and it is known for its sexually liberal culture.

Guests have access to the Romping Shop Playroom, sexy nightly shows, a tantric massage parlour and themed parties.

And that’s not forgetting an au natural and clothing optional beach.

The Hedonism II website reveals: “The hotel is aimed at the more open-minded guest and impetus is very much on trying new experiences and indulging in pleasure for the body and mind.”

One reviewer describes the resort as a kinky “adult playground”.

On Tripadvisor, they wrote: “There is no shortage of explicit day or night time adventures you can participate in, it really is an adult play ground and has a little something for everyone.”

Another agreed, adding: “There is no other place in the world that would reach the level of fun, eroticism and freedom as Hedonism II.”

Rooftop Resort in Hollywood, US

The resort is the only completely clothing optional nudist resort in South Florida.

It has a "Dance Naked, Party Naked and Swim Naked" motto.

There's also a playroom and nightly parties, which are swinger-friendly.

Singletons are also welcome, but there are some areas that are for couples only.

Visitors enjoy getting kinky in the playroom at nights and stripping of at the nearby nudist beach in the daytimes.

One reviewer gushed: “Sunbathing naked was super nice, second time for us and definitely not the last. Freedom feel.”

And another advised: “No need to pack any clothing!”

Island House

Bosses at Island House, in Florida, describe the location as “the best gay resort in the world”.

The website says the resort is a “playground in paradise” where all guests “feel comfortable and free from judgement”.

There are weekly pool parties and happy hours where booze is free-flowing.

At these events, guests can mingle and get close and personal with each other.

One happy guests told Tripadvisor: “If you want a relaxing atmosphere with opportunity to indulge in your wildest dreams it is here.”

Another said: “It’s an oasis for gay guys.”

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