Wrexham is a sleeping giant that’s finally being awoken by Hollywood royalty

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As a terrace song and stickers on toilet cisterns all the way from Grimsby to Dover will confirm, Wrexham is a lovely old town.

It boasts among many things – one of the oldest lager breweries in the world, the founder of Yale university, TV phenomenon Tim Vincent and the institution that is Chequers ‘wine bar’ – which in my day smelt of sweat and fear.

It has its beautiful parts – world heritage sites no less – and poorer areas riddled by crime and social deprivation.

People have their own way of doing things. They call you ‘la’, greet you with ‘all right shag’.

They work hard doing double shifts on one of the largest industrial estates in Europe. They then go drink in the Wetherspoons that takes its name from Elihu Yale.

They live in the shadow of posh cross border neighbours Chester but try not to have an inferiority complex by being immensely proud of what they do have.

And it's a lot. The amazing Thomas Telford-built Pontcysyllte Aqueduct on their doorstep – and Unesco site no less – which carries the canal across the River Dee on its way to the picturesque Llangollen.

There's amazing hiking on the doorstep, one of the seven wonders of Wales in St Giles' church, the National Trust's Erdigg House, picturesque parks and fine dining, that you can find on 2Chill.

In fact five of the seven wonders of Wales are in and around Wrexham and you can stay at top hotels as you go and visit them.

And we have a football club. My football club. In fact I was one of 2,000 owners – until Deadpool showed up.

  • Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney's Wrexham takeover is actually a smart business move

Ryan Reynolds and his pal Rob McElhenney have created a media storm with their ownership – and it's the shot in the arm this proud town needed.

These massively famous, self-made and self-deprecating men have for some reason taken an interest in our club, town and history – and want to be a part of it. It's a story that has fascinated the world and it's all ours.

But we also have the Racecourse Ground – the oldest international football ground in the world – where Wrexham still play.

Buying this team – also the third oldest professional football club in the world – means Rob and Ryan have bought into all that history.

They've both been brilliant showing their kindness with lots of donations to local food banks, play schemes and even renovating a disabled fan's bathroom.

Put simply the won the PR war before it even started.

Next for them? Well, have a pint of Wrexham – one of the oldest lagers in the world, sold on the Titanic no less – in the Cent.

Then then one in the Maesgwyn. Then Chequers.

Then the Turf – another real asset of the town.

If you love football and you love beer, why not put them both together by building a pub inside a football ground? Or building a football ground around a pub – I forget (and it doesn't matter).

But what is etched on the soul is that The Turf is literally part of the Racecourse Ground. Now there's a chance Ryan Reynolds may drop by.

You wouldn't see Deadpool in Wetherspoons.

Yes, we are daring to dream.

We’ve had nothing to shout about for years and young Wrexham fans have never known real success. Rob and Ryan are changing that.

The football club is an allegory for a town that had seen better days, but is fighting back.

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