Silversea to sail 140-day world cruise in 2026

Silversea Cruises will sail a 140-day world cruise described as its “most diverse voyage ever” in 2026.  Naming the voyage “The Curious and the Sea,” Silversea said the cruise will depart out of Fort Lauderdale on Jan. 2, 2026, and […]

New tour at Iolani Palace focuses on King Kalakaua

Hawaii’s Iolani Palace has launched a new tour that showcases the life of the Islands’ last reigning king, David Kalakaua. The tour will share the king’s achievements and historical accounts as it takes guests to the basement galleries to see […]

With amazing scenery and new airports, is Greenland the new Iceland?

With mesmerising landscapes, thrilling wildlife – and new airports opening up… is Greenland the new Iceland? James Draven explores Ilulissat, Greenland’s third-largest settlement The town’s newest piece of architecture is the £17.5 million Icefjord Centre  READ MORE: The passport rules that Brits […]

European river lines court North Americans

Looking to expand their customer base — and tap into the world’s largest travel market — European river cruise lines are finding new ways to leverage their appeal to North Americans. And at the center of those strategies is a […]

Sunniest place in the UK crowned – full list

In an exclusive ranking for, the travel experts at Which? Travel have ranked this year’s sunniest staycation hotspots. The team ranked destinations based on sunny weather and popularity so Britons from all over the UK should be able to find […]

'Skiplagging' takes off with flight prices at an all-time high

The money-saving travel hack that is taking off with travelers (but is HATED by airlines): How ‘skiplagging’ can help YOU shave $1,200 off long-haul flight tickets – even as prices soar Skiplagged fares only work with no checked baggage and […]

Expert reveals how to check your hotel room for bedbugs

Expert reveals how to check your hotel room for bedbugs… and prevent an infestation coming home with you TikToker shares in-depth step-by-step of how to check hotel room for bedbugs  She advises that it’s most important to check for brown […]