Frontier the latest airline to make gaining status easier

Frontier Airlines will reconfigure the Frontier Miles loyalty program next year, awarding customers based on the number of dollars they spend and making it easier to achieve status. 

Under the revised rules, Frontier Miles members will be awarded a minimum of 10 miles for every dollar they spend on flights, bags, seat assignments and bundles. Mileage multipliers will increase at every status level up to a 20-times multiplier. That differs from Frontier’s current loyalty accrual, in which Frontier Miles members earn one mile toward status for each mile flown. 

In another substantial change, Frontier is adding a fourth status level and renaming each of its existing status tiers to names virtually identical to the names used by Delta, which recently had to dial back changes to its SkyMiles loyalty program following a backlash from customers. 

Flyers will earn the new entry-level Silver status with 10,000 miles, meaning it can be achieved with just $1,000 in expenditures. Key benefits of Silver status include seat selection at booking, no change or cancel fee for everyone on the booking for changes made at least a week before travel, and Zone 2 priority boarding.

The other three Frontier Miles status levels will be renamed to Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Status will be reached at the 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 miles levels.

Frontier will also enhance benefits at each of the top three status levels. Gold status will bring priority boarding and priority customer care as well as no change or cancel fees for everyone included on the booking. 

Among the new benefits for Platinum status will be the ability to gift Silver status to one person as well as a free checked bag a free carry-on bag and a free premium seat assignment for everyone on the booking. 

New perks for Diamond status will include the ability to gift Gold status to one person and a second checked bag for everyone on the booking. 

As it kicks off the revamped Frontier Mileage program, Frontier is also offering a fast track to Gold Status for 2024 for anyone who spends $3,000 on the Frontier World Mastercard between now and the end of February. 

The discount carrier will also award a bonus mile for every mile flown on bookings made through the end of the year.

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