Europe’s most overcrowded country for tourists named

Although many Britons like to leave the UK to get some relaxation, that’s unfortunately getting harder and harder to find. Photos of hordes of tourists crowding top destinations have gone viral.

While an Asian destination was named the most overcrowded tourist hotspot, a European country is actually the most crowded overall.

According to research from the team at, Austria is the most overcrowded tourist destination. 

The team found Austria had 3.6 tourists for every local resident. It receives around 32 million annual visitors despite having a population of just 8.9 million.

But where are all the tourists going?

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Vienna, Austria’s capital city, is the country’s most visited destination. Known as the ‘City of Dreams’, it’s not surprising so many people want to see it.

Leading attractions include the Schonbrunn Palace, the Vienna Opera House and the Museum of Natural History. The capital is also known for its cake.

But while Vienna might have the space to cope with the number of visitors, several of Austria’s smaller destinations have struggled.

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Hallstatt, a breathtaking village on the shores of Lake Hallstatt, has had residents take to the streets to protest against tourism.

The village is thought to have been the inspiration for the popular Disney movie, Frozen. Tourists often flock to the village’s viewpoint to take selfies.

Earlier this year, village staff erected a fence to block the view in an attempt to get tourists to stop taking so many photos.

Some local residents took to the streets to protest over tourists causing traffic jams and congestion in the tiny village.

Looking to get off the beaten track? Why not visit one of Europe’s least visited countries which even has its own ski resort?

Still looking to explore Austria? Why not head to Austria’s second largest city Graz, which doesn’t get nearly as many visitors but is known as the ‘Capital of Culinary Delights’.

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