‘I travel with two small kids – it can be easy and cheap if you plan properly’

Alexandra Kadela, 26, from the UK, is taking her children Leo, two, and Evelina, one, to all 44 countries in Europe to break a world record. The mum has travelled extensively with her little ones and has plenty of advice to help fellow parents.

Until her latest trip, Alexandra had already taken her eldest child Leo, two, to a whopping 44 countries and her one-year-old, Evelina, to 16. Now she plans to spend six months taking them around every country in Europe from France and Spain to Iceland, Ukraine and even Russia.

The mum gave up her job after it became incompatible with childcare, but now posts all about her adventures on Facebook and Instagram, @globe_trotting_babies. Her husband, Piotr, works at a warehouse and joins them on their trips when possible.

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Parents can often feel stressed about taking little ones away with them. Whether it’s worrying about them crying on the plane or keeping them fed and entertained while seeing other countries it can be an intimidating experience.

Luckily, Alexandra doesn’t think travel with kids is difficult – she’s got it down to a fine art. She told Daily Star: "Honestly, we don't really find it that difficult. We started off small and with both of us travelling with our son, keeping it within Europe so it would feel ‘familiar’. And the more we travelled, the more we found tips and hacks that really helped us.

"Then adding our daughter, and she slotted in perfectly! It's also a huge help that both babies adjust very well when we travel. I'm not saying every day is sunshine and roses, there can be some bad days just like there would be back at home! But I'd prefer to have a bad day in Greece, or Thailand, or Italy, than a bad day back home".

She added: "Babies and young children pick up on stressed and tense emotions, and I've noticed in the past if I've panicked then my babies started to get antsy, frustrated and have even started crying. My second tip would be to go with the flow. It's all good and dandy having an itinerary and a plan (I always have one!), but have in mind that things can happen or go wrong and plans may change last minute.

"I absolutely love travelling with them even by myself! They're really easy-going children and they really behave well whenever we're away, whether it be just me or with my husband or anyone else who has travelled with us."

Alexandra's not the only mum to share travelling advice. A mum claim she’s discovered the ultimate item that will improve your travelling experience with children. According to the mumfluencer, there's a £3.99 tape can help to keep children entertained, organised and happy while flying or travelling on holiday.

The mum, who posts videos on Instagram @nicholaknox, explained that painter’s tape is her "secret weapon" because it can help fix a host of problems, especially when she's travelling with her two children. That's because she uses it for fun games, keeping the kids safe, and helping to prevent surprising sounds.

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