‘I’m an extreme stripper in Benidorm – you get away with so much more here’

An "extreme stripper" in Benidorm, Spain, has revealed some of the wildest antics that can go on in the party town – and the one bar that stag dos will want to have on their radar for a good time.

The Spanish hotspot is already a firm favourite with Brits flocking there for its gorgeous beaches, 88p pints, sunshine and brilliant nightlife, but according to one woman there are some spots not to be missed.

Jade Benidorm, 30, is an "extreme stripper" in the Spanish town, and has all the insider tips on the best nights out.

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Jade – who has a website jadebenidorm.com, told the Daily Star: "Millers is the best place to go. We have all the permission for things to happen whereas some bars don’t. People are pushing the boundaries – I do 10 to 15 shows a night for four nights a week. You can get away with so much more than what you can back home."

The stripper and X-rated model explained: "[In the UK] if you get a striptease, you can't touch them. You can't do this, you can't do that. It's very cold.

"Whereas out here, people are kind of shocked that one of my first moves is to sit on their knees and put their hands on me. Yeah, literally all over me.

"And then I sit on their face and nothing in between. And they're like, they can't get their heads around how out there it is and how non-restrictive.

"In Benidorm, if you want a nice chilled out family holiday you'll enjoy it and the kids will have a great time. If you want an all out, wild and crazy Saturday, you'll get that too."

Jade has already previously shared just what goes on at her wildest shows at Millers Bar, with pegging, sex tops, whipping and "hot candles" all part of the spectacle.

She noted: "All the best bits of the shows are the stag’s humiliation. The whipping, the use of toys and the pegging. I just took every little bit of all the different shows best bits and put them all together into my show. I do quite a few different things. I do shows in Miller’s Bar where I like destroy the stag…"

She added that it's not just stags but hen dos too, and describes the experience as "a very intense, extreme show that is a lot of fun".

Miller’s Bar, in the centre of Benidorm, is run by "Just F*** It” stag and hen do company – so it’s no wonder it’s the wildest spot in town.

While reviews on TripAdvisor are mixed – you definitely need to be aware of what you’re getting in for – many assured that there’s "plenty of free drinks flowing" and "crazy activities".

You can also see "pole dancers" and "bar crawls" as well as male and female strippers.

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