Naked Brits flock to ‘Hawaii of Europe’ with nude beaches and year-long sunshine

A British woman who runs a nudist hotel has explained that her guests travel to her resort during winter thanks to the constant sunshine and warm weather. Unlike here in the UK, she claims it’s "possible" to be naked "365 days a year" in the "Hawaii of Europe".

Karie Jane, from the UK, opened BHH Nudist Resort in Costa Calma, Fuerteventura, after converting her holiday home which she originally owned with her ex-husband. She says that naturism is "liberating" but not sexual "on any level" – and can be enjoyed all winter in the Canary Islands.

The island is just four hours away by air and can be reached for as little as £25 for a return flight. Karie welcomes all kinds of guests, regularly throwing singles' weekends, yoga retreats and even special Christmas stays.

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Speaking to the Daily Star, the naturism enthusiast – who fell in love with being naked 20 years ago – explained why she thinks "Fuerteventura is the Hawaii of Europe" and such a hit with naked holidaymakers.

She said: "Fuerteventura is a popular choice for naturists seeking winter sun because of our mild and pleasant climate, with temperatures mostly staying above 25 degrees meaning it is an ideal destination for people wanting to sunbathe and enjoy outdoor activities without their clothes when the UK is in the grip of winter. And its only a four hour flight away.

"It is summer all year long and possible to practice naturism 356 days a year, especially since we have the most naturist beaches in the whole of Canary Islands put together. Many of which are remote and offer secluded areas for naturists to enjoy without feeling crowded."

Karie has previously noted that the beaches in the area are accommodating of naked swimmers and sunbathers and her guests back up the claim. Gill and Keith, from the UK, said: "There are fantastic breaches – they go for miles and there’s hardly anybody there. Anyone who is there doesn’t bat an eyelid!"

While naked yogi, Matt, who ran his retreat at Karie’s resort said: "One night we took dinner down to the beach, had a couple of bottles of wine to share and we did a short yoga practice on the beach before dinner. But, sand is a very unstable surface and we were falling over all covered in sand having a great laugh. We were completely naked and we ran into the sea and had a good swim before the meal."

Karie commented: "Spain, including the Canary Islands like Fuerteventura, has a relatively liberal approach to naturism, and there are no specific laws against public nudity in designated areas. Overall, Fuerteventura offers a combination of favorable weather, beautiful naturist-friendly locations, and a welcoming atmosphere, making it an appealing choice for naturists seeking winter sun."

Plus she noted that BHH Nudist Resort isn’t the only holiday hotspot on the island. Karie said: "There are several naturist-friendly resorts and accommodations on the island, ensuring that visitors have options for a comfortable and accepting environment. As well as my naturist resort, with four independent apartments in Costa Calma, south of the Island, some of the large hotels do have terraces for nude sunbathing set aside."

Karie’s resort boasts the Naturist Apartment, Au Natural Apartment, Buff Apartment and Bare Apartment. All of which you can strip off inside. But, there’s also a swimming pool, patio and outdoor dining area where you can enjoy your day without any clothes on – and the whole resort is surrounded by a tall white wall that ensures nobody walking by catches an eyeful!

Rooms at the hotel range from £70 a night to £140 a night depending on which apartment you book and how many people stay. You can find out more at

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