Will there be a travel recession, and what today's economic trends mean for travel spending

Clockwise from top: News editor Johanna Jainchill, MMGY chairman Clayton Reid and managing editor/host Rebecca Tobin on an episode to talk about recession and how economic trends will impact travel spending.

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With all this will-there, won’t-there talk about recession, it’s reasonable to wonder whether there will be a contraction in travel and what form might it take.

In this episode, news editor Johanna Jainchill and MMGY executive chairman Clayton Reid talk with host Rebecca Tobin about the changes we’re seeing in travel buying and spending patterns now that the initial “revenge travel” period is over. As leisure spending seems to be easing, corporate travel seems to be gaining. Also: Which socioeconomic and demographic groups are continuing to spend? What does high prices mean for groups like family travel? And What about older travelers, high net-worth individuals and cruising?

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