‘I accidentally took my kids to see Sticky Vicky’s show in Benidorm’

Benidorm influencers have recalled watching Sticky Vicky on the stage 14 years ago after news of the star’s recent death. Vicky Leyton, famous for her vaginal, magical ping-pong show in the Spanish party town passed away this week – and the Daily Star is calling for her legacy to be honoured with a plaque.

Now, Grumet and Dazza Bigdog Benidorm – TikTok stars @grumet_benidorm and @dazza_bigdogbenidorm – have spoken up about their love for the legendary performer.

Speaking to Daily Star, Grumet said: "I first saw Sticky Vicky about 14 years ago. It’s quite a funny story as we went as a group of families – we knew nothing at all about Benidorm, I got the bus as I wouldn’t fly so I met my family and my friends there.

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"We all got ready. [Benidorm' wasn’t like it is now, a party strip, it was child-friendly so we walk into a bar with pushchairs and children with us. Everyone looked at us funny and I said 'Why’s everyone looking at us' to my partner. We had no clue who Sticky Vicky was, we just saw a bar and walked in. The doorman came over and said, 'This show is not for children I’m just warning you before it starts' so I said to my partner, 'This is why everyone was looking at us funny'. Anyways I said, 'Give it five minutes and let's see what it’s all about'. I couldn’t believe my eyes!"

He added: "We rushed out with the kids but us lads wanted to go back in just to see what it’s about. It was an eye opener that’s for sure! We came out saying, 'How’s she doing that?'"

But, despite the iconic star’s show – which involves illusion work and pulling everything from ping-pong balls to machetes out of her privates – definitely not being for children, Grummet and Dazza loved the show and say Vicky is "the biggest name in Benidorm".

He added: "It’s a sad loss for Benidorm and especially her family and friends. She was Benidorm. Anyone who knows or has been to Benidorm has heard of Sticky Vicky. She had a massive impact on Benidorm, absolutely huge, it’s never been seen before – there’s a few now but she was Mrs Benidorm. Shows like that are not for everyone but it was also a must watch."

Plus, the pair of Benidorm influencers think she should be recognised for her contributions to the area. They said: "100% she should be recognised. Plaque… I’d say more of a statue she was that big! We even mentioned her in a few of our pranks videos before she passed away. She will always be remembered in Benidorm, but some kind of recognition would be nice as she was a true legend. Mine and Dazza Bigdog’s thoughts go out to her family."

Stag do organiser Frank, known as @frankthestagman, says Sticky Vicky was "an important part of what has grown Benidorm into what it is" and added that he's "amazed that there hasn't been a plaque or something in her honour". He's pushing for the late performer to be remembered with an official sign – and the Daily Star agrees!

While her daughter, Maria who now performs the Sticky Vicky act in Benidorm loves the idea too. She told Daily Star that she "absolutely supports" the campaign and agreed that it would be "incredible" if the Daily Star manages to get the late star the memorial plaque. She added: "My mother is a great artist, a fighter, an innovator. She is a legend."

Here at Daily Star we've decided that such a recognisable star deserves to be recognised officially and gets a plaque erected in the Spanish town – so we're campaigning for just that… If you're a fan, or just think hard work and dedication deserves to be rewarded, then you can sign our petition to get Sticky Vicky a shiny new marker in the sunshine.

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