‘I used to be shy teacher – now I’m a Benidorm stripper doing extreme sex shows’

A woman who says she used to be a "shy" teacher is now famed in Benidorm for performing extreme sex shows involving pegging and whipping.

Jade Benidorm, 30, told the Daily Star she was once a "shy" young teacher who was "struggling" while working three jobs. She decided to ditch it all and head to Benidorm – where she discovered a whole new side of herself thanks to what she calls the "anything goes" energy of the town.

Nowadays, Jade works at Miller’s Bar where she puts on performances for as many as 80 men at a time. While onstage she works to "humiliate" stags who are away ahead of their weddings. The stripper and model, @jadebenidorm, says she'll get fully naked for the shows and use sex toys on herself, saying that she gets away with so much more in the town than she would back in the UK.

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However, she’s not always been so brimming with confidence. Speaking to Daily Star, Jade explained: "Before Benidorm I was teaching. I had two full time jobs and a part time job and I was really struggling. I was doing jobs I wasn’t happy with and I was incredibly bored."

She added: "Somebody suggested Benidorm, and I thought that sometimes you have to grab life by the balls. I moved to Benidorm eight years ago and stayed off as a party rep. It was the first time in my life I’d ever done anything just for me. I wasn’t stripping at first as I was very shy.

"But, during my time being a rep and going to parties I got so much confidence. I was seeing stripteases going on and when I first moved here I was very shy but the more I watched it I got more confident and I was thinking… I can do better. It gave me a whole new feeling of what I wanted to do and who I was that I’d never felt before. You can get away with so much more than what you can back home."

Plus, Jade’s partner Frank runs stag dos from the UK in Benidorm where he takes them for beach BBQs, cocktail masterclasses and, of course, to strip shows. He’s "very supportive" of Jade’s work, she claims, and even hires her for his "stripper transfers" where she gets naked with the lads while they’re driven from the airport to their hotel.

Frank says that stag dos are often keen to "stitch up the stag" – aka embarrass him. That’s exactly Jade’s speciality – after gaining her confidence she puts on shows that are all about taking the groom to the limits.

She explained: "All the best bits of the shows are the stag’s humiliation. The whipping, the use of toys and the pegging. I just took every little bit of all the different shows best bits and put them all together into my show." he adds that she'll do everything from whipping to waxing, and says requests can be "kind of up to the stag", which can include "hot candles" or watching Jade use sex toys.

Plus, the stripper says that Brits definitely "deserve their reputation". She said: "It’s not just drunken louts doing ridiculous, horrible things. When the British go on holiday they go all out. They’ve saved for it and they’re gonna enjoy themselves they don’t care about the money they’re just out to enjoy themselves. When they come to Benidorm they just let it all go and enjoy themselves." Now, Jade makes around £7,200 on a four-night working week.

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