Tourists horrified after being charged £13.90 for Coke and £60 for four drinks

A group of pals were horrified after stopping for a drink in a popular tourist spot and then being handed a whopper of a bill. The Spanish friends were visiting the gorgeous city of Venice, in Italy, and decided to dine at a restaurant in St Marks Square not suspecting they'd be charged such a large amount.

The group proceeded to order four drinks and some snacks. however, despite the modest meal, the tourists were stunned when they were handed the bill. While tourist spots like major city squares and piazzas do come at a premium none of them expected to be charged so much.

Having ordered a Guinness, two beers, a Coca-Cola and a few bowls of crisps and olives, they were charged €70 (£60). The group were seen laughing in a shock in a TikTok video of the encounter, having realised that they had been billed €16 (£13.90)for a single drink of Coke.

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In the clip one of the holidaymakers joked: "I’ll take the beer mat to remember this by". Another said that the small array of snacks would have to stand in for their dinner that day due to the obscene price. The cost of the drinks and nibbles left social media users aghast – not even in central London would the price be as steep.

One person said: "€16 for a coke? When I see them in the supermarket I promise I won't complain about the price." Another recalled their own experience being overcharged in Venice. "They charged me a lot of money for a pizza and on top of that they charged me €5 for the table and €5 for the cutlery that I did not ask for for the pizza," they said.

Another person added: "I sat down, saw the prices and got up and left." In Spanish, a commenter said: "I pay 70 Euros for four drinks and I have to ask you to play Mozart by playing the piano there!"

It's not the only instance of overcharging noted this week. A Brit was visiting the Edinburgh festive market when she ordered a plate of salt and pepper chicken and chips – a mix of Chinese takeaway spices, hot chilli pepper and onions with chips and chicken.

The young woman was horrified to be charged £12 for the small plate of spicy food. Meals at such events can often cost a few bob, but she was amazed at the high price. She found the cost compared to the portion size obscene.

Posting on TikTok, she said: "When they say go to hell but it’s £12 for some salt and pepper chicken and chips at Winter Wonderland." Social media users were surprised at the cost too.

Meanwhile, DK Oyster, in Platys Gialos, Mykonos, a gorgeous Greek island, has come under fire before after a woman claimed she was charged £50 for a glass of lemonade. Another couple Jessica Yarnall, 31, and Adam Hagaun, 30, claim they were hit with a staggering 800 euro bill ( approximately £710 ) for two drinks, four crab legs and a salad at a notorious Greek restaurant. And a third couple say they were charged £333 for a "quick snack" on their honeymoon.

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